On this page I provide you some documents that past Clubs, Areas and Divisions have found useful both before and after the workshop.

Marketing the workshop

Please find below a link to a marketing flyer that you can send to your clubs. Please do NOT send it out without reading it first! There are several places where you need to enter the date of the workshop, your Club name and the address of the venue. Otherwise feel free to use as you need.

Exceptional Evaluations flyer

During the workshop

As part of the workshop I outline a process that anyone can follow to make their Evaluations Exceptional. Here is a summary of the process that I talk about.  Feel free to print out and circulate.

Exceptional Evaluations summary slide

After the workshop

Peter Jagger, President of Reading Speakers, kindly put together a PowerPoint presentation of the main slides that you can use to refresh your mind of the key points discussed. Feel free to use as you need. Also, please thank Peter when you see him!

Exceptional Evaluations slides


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