Recent feedback

Below are just a few of the recent comments that I have had from doing this workshop at other clubs, Areas and Divisions. Please feel free to drop me a line on the Contact page with your experience of attending the workshop.

Blarney Toastmasters celebrated 40 years as a club on the 28th February. The highlight of our weekend festivities was a double workshop with Freddie Daniells. How to craft a winning International Speech followed by his legendary Exceptional Evaluations. The man runs on rocket fuel, for 4 1/2 hours, we were educated, entertained, enthralled, enlightened, excited…………. who said Essss were bad for you. Exceptional evaluations presented by an exceptional human being. Thanks for the memories Freddie. Ted Mellamphy, President, Blarney Toastmasters, Ireland.

Listening and watching Freddie (it is as much a visual experience as an audio one), I got a strong sense of somebody on a quest to model excellence. He has invested a lot of time and effort in talking to, observing and learning from a series of national Evaluation Champions. From this he has derived a model for successful evaluations. The best bit is that he then generously offers this model on a plate for all to adopt or adapt to suit their style and purpose. All in all, it is a winning formula. John Webber, Solent Speakers, 2013-14 District 71 Evaluation Champion

Just wanted to say a personal thank you for coming to Solent last night. Your workshop was great – or should I say, I learnt loads and there was something there for everyone at every level. Personally your energetic style resonated with me as a trainer with a similar style. Thank you. Jewels Carter, Solent Speakers

I have attended three workshops given by Freddie Daniells and can say that everybody attending felt that they were positively developed to a spectacular degree. He is an amazingly effective coach. All were surprised that he could do so much for them in such a short time and improve their own abilities so quickly. His ability to give effective and motivating feedback is legendary. I am delighted to be able to say that if any body can get help, mentoring or coaching from Freddie Daniells they should, in my opinion, avail of it. Murt Ó Súilleabháin, Bishopstown Toastmasters, Ireland

Very educational workshop, a real eye opener on all aspects of speech evaluation : what / how / when / why – an enriching experience that makes evaluating worthwhile …a must for every TM club…compelling listening. Carmel O’Brien, Past VP Education, North Bucks Speakers

Thanks for entertaining, informing, persuading AND inspiring us all, Freddie. I almost feel cheated not to have had the opportunity to part with vast sums of money for an extremely professional and valuable presentation. Hopefully another time, though,  I might at least get to buy Freddie a pint? Paul Hindess, Bedford Speakers

Freddie brings his energy, enthusiasm and unique teaching style to what is a very beneficial workshop on how to deliver exceptional evaluations. As part of the workshop, participants have the opportunity to practise the techniques that Freddie teaches. The skills one learns during this workshop are transferable to areas outside of the Toastmasters environment, such as delivering appraisals and effective feedback at work. I can highly recommend this course to beginner or advanced evaluators. Alan Mountain, Holborn Speakers, Past President

Brilliant workshop! It has greatly exceeded my expectations. I thought it would be about normative guidance, however, it leans more on coaching and motivation. Very inspirational! Maria Fernandez, 1st London Toastmasters

Freddie ran an excellent workshop on evaluations, educating us on the vital components needed to provide an effective evaluation and then providing very easy steps on how to apply them. Before the workshop I had no idea that there is a science behind an effective evaluation and now I feel that I have the knowledge and the know-how on how to provide an effective evaluation in my day to day life (including at work). I actually used his CCRRC formula already at my work performance review and it worked like magic. If you are in a situation where you need to learn the art of providing exceptional evaluations, you should definitely check out Freddie’s workshops. Dilshad Abey, 1st London Toastmasters 

It’s said that the proof of the pudding is in the eating…with that in mind I just thought that I’d let you know that I’ve done two evaluations since your session in Cork Airport using your approach – and both times I was awarded Best Evaluator on the night (which was something I’d never gotten before). Eddie O’Mahony, Blarney Toastmasters, Ireland

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